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We Treat Your Pets

                    Like Our Own

Special Notice

In response to the recent covid-19, our clinic is currently making the following series of arrangements, which are strictly implemented:

1) Only one owner is allowed to bring animals into the clinic and consultation room when visiting a veterinarian;

2) All visitors must wear masks properly throughout the clinic.

3) All visitors must take their body temperature when entering the clinic and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to sanitize their hands;

4) No eating or drinking in the clinic;

5) All visitors who have symptoms such as fever and respiratory diseases are not allowed to enter the clinic; if they are unwell, such as general malaise, dry cough or shortness of breath, or have been in contact with patients with pneumonia or have been to the epidemic area.

6) We reserve the right NOT to provide clinical services to any patient owned by the client with confirmed Coronavirus infection; under mandatory quarantine or under mandatory testing and) have a travel history and being contact with any person with confirmed Coronavirus Infection in last 14 days.

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Our Story

We Care for your Pets like our Own...


“When we look into the eyes of an animal, we do not see an animal. We see a living being. We see a friend. We feel a soul.”


“Animals DO speak. But only to those who know how to listen.”

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